Starting a business from zero can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.
At the beginning of every company, marketing and communication strategies are crucial steps to be followed, and this will have an impact on the speed of your business reaching its targets.
We know how hard it is to deal with all the arrangements to start a new journey in (your) entrepreneurship. Therefore we’ve prepared some solutions that are ideal for your company at that stage.


Marketing Plan

It is your strategy book. What is your company about? How is it going to be positioned in the market? How and when will you communicate? How much you need to invest and everything that is relevant when you are starting a business.

Social Media

As per Wikipedia, there are 343 social communities around the world, and it is increasing. But should you be in all of them? Not really. Only the ones that are relevant to your business. Less is more most of the time. We support you to decide where you should be and how to get the best of those media channels to reach your target.


Having an online page of your company is substantial and relevant. Everyone is online searching for solutions and if your company is not represented online, for sure your competition will.

Visual Identity

Your logo, business cards, uniforms, flyers and whatever is necessary to call the attention of your future clients. The identity determines how your customers will be visually connected to your brand and will be reminded of it when needed. Visit our online shop for more ideas!